The Universities I Hope I Can Enter

As you know I’m in high school now, there are sometimes I hope that with my hardwork, I can enter into good universities to study. Singapore has been my ideal place to live and study. The last time I went to Singapore is for a short holiday. The place is really beautiful and nice. The people are nice, and the place is clean too. The Singaporeans I ask for help are also friendly to us.

However, my trip is only 3 days, and the places I go are some attractions places. I didn’t have the chance to visit all the university. But if I have the chance, I will want to study in the Singapore university.

1. NUS – National University Singapore


I heard this is the best university in Singapore. It is also the oldest in Singapore. I have one friend who did a short study exchange to NUS last time, and he says he like the place. The school is very high tech too. Even though some school buildings look old, but he says they look very technologi advanced when you enter.

I also like the NUS lecture hall and dorm room. My friend attended one of the hall games and he had so much fun. Wow. This is the number 1 university I want!!


2. NTU – Nanyang Technologi University


NTU I heard is another top university in Singapore. My childhood friend left to Singapore to study when he is 16 years old, and now, she says she is studying in NTU. She is studying Mechanical Engineering there. I don’t actually know much about what she study, but when she return home, she always tell me good stuff about the school there. (I’m jealous sometimes.)

She also says she go running around NTU at night when she want to distress. I google NTU, and see some very artistic buildings in it. The school must be really different from other universities in the world.


3. SUTD – Singapore University of Technology and Design


I like design! I saw the news that the SUTD is the next big university of Singapore. I don’t know if the school is already started, but I see many artistic images of SUTD. You see the picture I post above. Maybe the real life school is not that colourful. But it looks very future. The students there must be creative people about designing. If the school is already started, then I should see what courses they offered. So this is one of my dream schools there!

So this is my list of dream schools in Singapore. What about you? I guess you have to see what you want to study then you decide your school too. But for now, I will choose one of the 3 schools from here! I hope I can enter one of them. I will work hard to make sure my grades can go though to apply!


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