The Best File Sharing Programs Online

File sharing online is very common nowadays. It used to be the days where people have to burn CDs and pass to their friends simply to pass them a few photos. However today, we can simply upload a file, share it through a file-sharing site, and they can download on their end within minutes.

However, we have so many online file sharing sites nowadays, and how do we know what to use to share and download the files between our friends?

This is what we will share with you here.



1. Dropbox

This is probably the most popular one in the world right now. I know I know. It only gives you 2Gb of Free Space, and you want more! You can get more Dropbox space by sharing it with more friends, and playing along some games in the signup phase. However, if you are really in need to space, then just sign up a paid plan.

Dropbox is popular because of its ease to use. You can sync it with your laptop, iPad, iPhone, and able to access it wherever you are, as long as you have an internet.  There was once I forgot to bring my identification card to my examination hall, and I was almost barred from taking the exam. Luckily, my Dropbox is sync to my iPhone and easily accessibile. Within 5 minutes, I’m able to produce my identification card (softcopy) to enter the exam hall.

2. SugarSync

This is another file sharing platform, however, I don’t use to share files with my friends using it. To me, it is more of a file Storage, where I just dump all my big files that I will hardly access. Like travel photos, videos, or big documents. The big advantage is that it does gives more space than Dropbox. However, it is not that user friendly. You will still prefer Dropbox after a while, because of its better UI.

So for SugarSync, just get a free account and store your old files will do!

3. China File Sharing

If we look away from the mainstream File Sharing market, you will realize that there are many other file sharing platforms you haven’t heard of! Either we are too obsessed with our current file sharing platform, or we are lazy to explore. But I can tell you, China Internet companies are on a rise!

TenCent, the company behind QQ, has its own File Sharing platform. If you are complaining that Dropbox only gives you 2Gb of free space upon signup, then please take a look here. WeiYun, the file sharing platform of TenCent, is giving 10TB worth of free space for new signups. You know how much 10TB is? That is probably the 500 new Dropbox ‘2gb’ free accounts!

The platforms explains in English or Chinese, hence, please don’t give the excuse that you shun away Chinese websites because of language barrier. 10Tb should be big enough to make you look not twice, but 10 times! There are a lot more File Sharing Sites in China, and they are competing to give out the most free Gbs to users upon sign ups. However, some of these sites are in pure Chinese. Unless you know how to read, the extra space given to you doesn’t make any sense, because you will have difficulty using it!

If you are really keen to explore Chinese file sharing sites, then go ahead and create a few accounts to try out!


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