Our First Violin Lesson At Home!

my violin lessonYes! Finally, we get to have a hobby! A few months back, my friend, Chow Sin invited me to his music concert. He is playing the violin in a orchestra. I supported him because he gave me free tickets, but after the concert, I’m quite interested in the violin. I waited for a few more months, and save money for my first violin and lesson.

And yes! I have my own violin now, and I just had my first violin lesson. So right here, let me share with you a bit of my process of finding a teacher and also the things I learn in the lesson.

A lot of people are confused about whether or not they should get their child for home based violin lessons Singapore. As a student learning violin at home with my private violin tutor Marcus, (a great violin teacher referred by Strings! Singapore) I would like to express my view on whether should a student go for private violin lessons or attend music schools. Of course, the other alternatives available are sending their kids to classes at another venue (community centers) or getting online instruction. But in my personal view, home violin lessons offer me and my parents the benefits that these methods do not.

Among all, one of the biggest benefits to getting violin lessons at home is that parents can observe the classes. This teaching method allows parents to observe lessons and provide their child support. Parents will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their child, and see the progress of their child over time. They are also able to discuss with the tutor and make necessary changes in terms of teaching style.

Based on research, students who learn violin or other instruments for this case, from home often learn faster than those who attend classes. Simply because taking classroom based violin lessons can be tiring. This is because students will need to balance their home life, social life and studies with their music classes. The last thing a student needs is to have to spend another hour getting ready for lessons and commuting to and from their classes. Students who do this often forget a lot of what they have learned simply because they are too tired to focus properly. Research has suggested that practicing in the same location means that students retain more of the information that they have learned.

Parents will also find at-home classes beneficial. Having a lesson in the house will save parents a considerable amount of time and energy. Adults will no longer have to take their child to and from classes. Instead they can spend this time doing something they enjoy at home.

Kids who get violin lessons at home will also benefit from one on one teaching. Children who attend classes will find that their teacher divides their time between all the students in the class. This is something parents will not have to worry about with in-home lessons.

By having a one to one learning base, your children will also have the full attention span by the violin tutor. This is relatively important as it will form a habit and basic skills of playing violin are rather important.

The tutors can identify any mistakes when your children are practicing at all the time and your kids are able to correct problems quickly and ask for help when they are struggling. Students will also develop a friendly relationship with their tutor. This is beneficial as it will help tutors pick up on what musical pieces the child enjoys and which pieces they are having trouble with.

Many parents would agree that home based violin lessons are the best option for parents who want their child to succeed. These types of lessons allow kids to learn faster and more effectively than they would in a classroom environment. The one on one attention children get from their violin teacher will ensure that they learn the material efficiently. Lastly these classes are not as expensive as one may expect them to be.

Hence, now you know about my private tutor. If you may become interested in violin on day, do let me know! I will recommend my teacher to you.

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