Our Background

Hi, thanks for dropping by! We would like to introduce ourselves here!

I’m Jilly, and my sister Jenny are the person who created this blog. Our english may not be good, because we don’t speak English in our country. However, we are now learning, so we try to learn as much english as we can, so we can speak good english.

One of the reasons why we have this website is because of writing what we love in English. We have been learning English in our school for almost 4 years. Even though we can speak okay english, but when we speak to real english people, we realize we are not very good yet. But when we speak to our local people, they say we are good. 55555.

I think it’s okay that we are still learning, as I learn that practice makes perfect. Once we write and speak more, our english will improve. And that is why we want to use this website to write english, and learn more english.

Me and my sister have thought of creating a website, but we don’t know what we should write. So sometimes, we ask our friend to teach us, to show us what they write. They can write really good. So sometimes, we ask them to write for our blog. We must thanked them for kickstart our website.

But now, my sister and I aim is to write whatever we learn in school, into English on this website.We also want to compile all the resouces we see on the internet. Because we don’t want people who read our website to be bored. We want them to feel interesting when they come to read our writings.

So, that is a little background from us.

Jilly & Jenny Akplom