Lessons learn from setting up my dad’s office – Jilly

Some things are not fun. I’m actually having my school term break now, but I’m called by my dad to help him in his office. He has just move his office to somewhere that is closer of our house. At first, I was so happy, because I can finally see him come home early everyday. That means more play time for me, more outings for me. 

But then, that is the fun part for future. I now have to help him with his office setup. I thought my holiday can be used for more fun things, like going for holidays… and the worst part, Jenny is not involved. She said she is too young to do such things.

I didn’t complain in the end. I want to focus on a solution! (Like what I learn)

So the thing is, I’m sad to be working for my dad in his office for almost 6 hours a day. However, not everything is that bad. I can still learn some things. Daddy is quite nice, and teach me some of his business stuffs, things I can’t learn in school. Plus, I have work money! My dad pays me $20 a day! So in a week, I can earn $100! I calculated, if I continue to work until school returns, I can get at least $400. (Maybe I can go for some movies after school yea!) 

So what have I done at work? 

My dad gets office furniture setup and he wants me to be in charge of buying other stuffs also. He wants his office to be nicely equipped for his workers, and also to ensure they are comfortable when working. Wow, my dad so thoughtful yea? 

So that they, I call up for some office furniture quotes from Singapore and hope to buy some office chairs, office tables, and other things. Some people are quite nice, and they tell me what chairs they have, how they are different from normal sitting chairs, plus how I can also get it from them at a cheaper rate. Maybe I’m a girl, so they are nice to me. 

But I’m also scared they may sell me too much things, or I buy the wrong things and got scolded by my dad. So the thing I learn is, when they try very hard to sell me, I slowly reject them, and say I need to talk to my boss (my dad). 

The next thing I learn, is not to buy any chair. My dad ask me to look for chairs that will be comfortable for the people. Of course, I also want my dad to be comfortable while sitting. I know sitting is very important, because I saw people with back problems before. If you don’t know the correct sitting style, look at this postures

See what I found also: 



When you sit too long, do some stretching on your chair too. Something new rite? 

This is something I tell my dad that if you work too long, do some stretching. The chairs is good, but do some exercise is good for the back also. So you see, my dad learn something from me. And lucky, I can also learn something about selling and buying things from companies there. That’s all I have today. My message for you today, to get a correct chair, learn new things, and do exercise when you sitting!