How We Improve English (Our Study Tips)

learn englishIf you’ve read about our background, you will know that our first language is not English. But we have been learning English for quite sometime, and it is a important language to be said in many countries. Hence, we want to make effort to learn and improve our english.

So in this post, let us share with you what we have done to make sure that our English is improving everyday, and see enough progress. If you are also learning English, we hope these tips will help you and encourage you too!

1) Read more

When we arrive in Singapore not long ago, we are very happy that the people over here use quite a lot of English! Even when I go shopping or even ask people on the road for directions, they can tell me the direction correctly in English. So, to make sure we improve our English, we make sure to take something to read and learn to read out loud so that we know how to pronounce the words too.

When we are back home in our country, we also have english words to read. However, they are not as common as Singapore, where you can see english words english road signs, or english speaking people everywhere. But that’s not the excuse. We have the internet now, and I can learn it from there.

2) Practice Speaking

Reading is a small part of improving english only. Other than just reading, I have tried to speak in English. I tried to speak slower and clearer, so I can hear what I am saying, and also make sure the person listening is clear on my message. So, the more I speak, I realize that speaking English is not that difficult. I must dare to speak out so that I can learn.

Sometimes, people laugh at my english. I think it is my accent. I’m okay with that because I’m not born and speak english right away. I only learn English when I’m 15. However, I’m happy I Dare to speak to people in english to talk to them.

3) Write more

Yes. This is the reason why we want to create this website too. We want to have a place where we can write something good in English. So this blog is where we will practice our writing. I can tell you honestly our English is not perfect yet, so when you see errors, do let us know and we will correct them. We appreciate your help!

So, if you want to improve your writing too, you can write a book about your life, or you can start a blog like us. It is easy.  However, the challenge is to keep on writing and writing. You can make mistakes, but once you learn from it, you can become a better writer.

So here are some study tips from us. We try do encourage each other everyday by doing these actions, so it will become our habit one day. On the other hand, if you really need serious help in your English, you can also start with english tuition singapore. Singapore has some of the best tuition teachers in English, and the good thing is some can speak 2 languages.

That’s our tips on improving English for this post! We hope you read and apply it on your own learning.

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