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Eight ways to take notes

Image result for ways to take notesTaking notes is a pure art which can be learned and improvised gradually but quite often people take this subject for granted and comfortably assume themselves as considerably good at it but alas mostly this notion falls flat and land them into embarrassing situation during real times.

The first and foremost requirement to be able to become good note taker is to have good ears and ability to process the information correctly and concisely.

Second important and imperative factor which is usually easily ignored is patience. You need to have a lot of it because most of the times you must wait till the sentence is complete to note down properly. So do not rush and it will come to you naturally.

Third factor is ability to abstract the information and package it such that you are able to gather everything being discussed in the meeting or any place where you are supposed to take notes down. Because eventually someone or you yourself have to unpackage it and share the details to the wider audience. Some schools or institutes like The Happy Guitarist even give you a copy of printed notes. This is a very good take-away. You get a summary of important points.

Fourth is correct grammar and fifth is hand writing. You cannot simply afford to scribble something and leave it for someone to understand and decode it. Be articulate, concise and clear while noting down the points.

Sixth is paying attention to what is being discussed because it is not always necessary that you will have an environment with synchronous communication rather multiple people might be involved in the conversation and you will have to capture the bites from everyone in an organized manner. Remember that taking notes is not limited only to your regular school and classes. Maths are Science are not the only subjects where you need to take notes. Taking notes is equally important even if you are taking kids guitar classes Singapore. Whatever is taught in the guitar class is very important. Taking notes enables you to practice and learn it when you are back home.

Seventh is the medium used to take notes; are you using laptop, tablet or simple pen paper to do so make a lot of difference because then translation time will eventually vary accordingly.

Eight is ability to have good vocabulary to be able to shorten the sentence and replace them with few words. This would enable you to cover everything in a shortest possible time.

Here is a video depicting how to help yourself while studying:

Picking the Right Condominium for You

Image result for Right Condominium

If there is one thing that you love doing it is to study. You have done a lot of reading when you were still studying and now that you have finished school, you are still studying about the next steps you are going to do in life. One of the things that you can do to establish your independence is to make sure that you are going to have the right condominium.

Choosing the right condominium is complicated not only because there are a lot of choices but because you have to consider so many details. For example, you have to be sure that you are choosing a condominium that is located in a place that you want. The price of the condominium should also be considered. Aside from the obvious details, here are other things that you have to learn more about.

  1. It is best that you have a lawyer before you start looking for a condominium. Purchasing a big ticket item, especially a condominium unit will require some legal processes and documentations. Having a lawyer handy will allow you to be guided accordingly.
  2. When it comes to purchasing a condominium, remember that the biggest one that you can afford is the best choice. A studio type condominium unit may be easier to purchase but they are harder to sell because people would still like a lot of space.
  3. There are different styles that you can expect to get from condominium units. For example, you may particularly like the way that Project Grandeur Park Residences looks like. You may take a look at the condominium units there with the help of an agent or find condominiums that are similar to its structure.
  4. You also have to consider the layout of the condominium that you are planning to purchase. The size may all be the same but the way that the different portions of your condominium has been laid out will make a huge difference on how easy it would be to live there.
  5. It is best to choose a condominium unit that is not in front of the elevator. This is usually the noisiest portion of the condominium and as much as possible, you want to relax when you are at home, right?


Find more information about picking the right condominium unit from here:


With all of the details that are mentioned above, then perhaps finding the right condominium is not that complicated anymore.

How to Invest in Condos

I read this very informative post which is actually a very good read.The real blogpost can be seen here. If you would like to know about new launch – Grandeur Park Residences, dont stop reading further.

Grandeur Park Residences is the latest up and coming private property project in Tanah Merah. As the news and publicity is not on a mass scale yet, if you read this article, great! If you are looking to invest in a property project and reap good returns, then read on.

Tanah Merah has been a sweet location for many private property projects and it is a favorite place by many property investors. If you have missed out many investment opportunities in Tanah Merah projects, then this is the opportunity you must not missed.

Here’s why Grandeur Park Residences is highly favored by investors.

1) Close to Tanah Merah MRT

Needless to say, you know that any property project close to MRT stations are highly popular and favoured by tenants. With close distance to MRT, anyone who stay near there can travel around easily, and with Singapore’s MRT network, it is easy to go anywhere with the MRT.

Plus, Tanah Merah is not just another MRT station. It is more like an ‘interchange of MRT station’. Tanah Merah is connected to the Expo and Changi Airport Station. When I say Expo, I’m not talking about having a lot of people visiting exhibitions at Expo. I’m referring to Changi Business Park which is just beside Expo MRT station. With Changi Business Park, you can expect your property unit at Grandeur Park to be in high demand by expats or professionals looking for a stay near their workplace.

2) Close to Famous Schools

Grandeur Park Condo is also near to Anglican High (secondary) and Temasek Junior College and Victoria Junior College. These are one of the top tertiary schools in Singapore. Plus, Singapore’s 4th government university, SUTD is situated at Expo too! Singapore’s University of Technology and Design is expecting students from Singapore and other countries. This present an opportunity for tenants who are university students who want to stay near their university.

Dont forget to read more at original post.

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Making Your Class Notes Interesting

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You know that in the beginning of the school year, your notes will look immaculate. They are all organized and you vow that you would keep it that way until the year ends but there are just so many factors that are stopping you from maintaining the way that your notes look.

For example, you may reason out that your hands are tired because you have been writing notes since morning. You barely have any break and your hands are already hurting. Perhaps you were tired because of studying for another exam so you dozed off in class. You have already missed some notes and you have no choice but to borrow from someone else so you can copy it. You may have to do this fast especially if the notes are needed the day after.

You need to make your class notes interesting because of the following:

  1. You can study better when you understand what your notes are about.
  2. Other people will notice your notes and they may also become inspired to be just like you.
  3. You will feel proud for having nice looking notes even if you do not want to admit it.

You do not need the help of presentation design services when you are making notes because you are relying on your handwriting. Making presentations can be easy if you would keep things neat and not too crowded but your notes may be another story. You can learn more about note taking from here:

Here are some things that you can do to make your class notes interesting:

  • Color code everything. If you are going to place all of your notes in one notebook, it will help if you would section your notebook so that you can write on the pages depending on the subject you are taking notes for. This way, when you are studying, you will not be confused with the other details written on your notebook.
  • Try to make your handwriting as legible as possible. Some people do not have naturally good handwriting. Do not worry because this means that your brain is working overtime so it is having a hard time being patient with writing down what you need to put in your notebook. Still, it will not hurt to make a bit of effort.
  • Make sure that you are prepared for class. If you need to have some highlighters and different colored pens, have them ready. This will make note taking easier for you.

There are still other things that you can do in order to improve your notes. While you are thinking of ways to do it, feel free to take presentation training courses too because they come hand in hand in class.

How to Perfect Note Taking

You know that your notes are extremely important when it comes to studying. If you do not have the right notes, then your chances of passing certain examinations will be harder to accomplish. Even if you have good study skills, if your ability to make notes is not that good, you will find it harder to study. This is different when you are studying the violin and you take violin class Singapore in order to learn how to play this instrument well. Even if you do not play the violin for a long period of time, how you need to play it will be integrated into your memory. With taking notes, it is different.

Remember that in order to survive school, you need to have the ability to make notes. Your memory may be good but it will still fade. In order to remember things better, you need to have notes that you may write in your own words so that you can recall the things that you have learned better. Do you know other details that will help you in your ability to do effective note taking? You can learn more tips from here:

In order to perfect note taking, here are some tips that you can remember:

  1. Keep Your Notes Simple.

There is a big possibility that you will be learning things that you consider to be complicated but you do not have to make your notes hard. Rather, you can keep things simple. Place details about the topic that you have to learn about in your own words. You will find yourself understanding the whole topic better. The level of simplicity of your notes will depend on what you like and what you do not want.

  1. Organize Your Notes

Do you think that it will be hard for you if the one and only notebook that you have contains all of your notes for all your subjects. It is okay to have just one notebook as long as you would organize them well. You need to keep separate pages for various subjects otherwise, the lessons may all get mixed up.

  1. Take Notes In A Whole New Level

Gone are the days when you simply need to have a pen and paper in order to make notes, right now, you can use an application that will allow you to place notes and even share the notes that you have made with others. You can view the notes of other people too so this can make studying easier if you lack some notes regarding different topics.

Note taking is vital and important. You will understand your lessons better this way.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Condominium

Are you thinking about purchasing your own condominium unit? It may be Gem Residences Condominium that is actually very nice or it may be another condominium that is just near your place. Perhaps you have seen how nice Gem Residences location is but you still want to check out other condominiums elsewhere. No matter where the location is, you still have to think about a lot of things before you decide to purchase. What are the things that you should do in order to get the right condominium unit for you?

Purchasing a condominium is always hard because you need to allot a huge amount of money for it. You may have even used your life savings for this. When you decide to buy a condominium unit, the first thing you have to remember is that it is not the same with buying a house. In order to choose the right one, here are some of the questions that you just need to ask:

  • Is there enough storage space in the unit?

A condominium is usually smaller than a typical house. If you have a lot of things with you, it will be hard for you to bring them all. It is best to ask if the condominium has enough storage space so that at least if you decide to move in, you will have enough for the different items that you currently have.

  • What is the coverage of the insurance policy?

You have to make sure that the condominium unit that you are purchasing is covered by the insurance policy. There are some estimates that may be given but these should be accurate so you will know exactly how much you will get just in case. There are also some insurance policies that can cover the loss of your items if in case the reason why you lost the items is because of unit – related problems.

  • Is the community something that you can belong in?

The location of the condominium plus the people who are also living within the area will determine what type of community you will have. Do you honestly believe that you fit in right with the others? If you don’t then choose to live elsewhere.

Get to know what other things that you can do when purchasing a condo from here:

When you ask these questions, you can be sure that the answers you will get will help determine if the condominium that you are looking at is something that you can see yourself living in for 5 years or more.

Steps on Learning How to Play the Piano

Learning how to play the piano is a skill although some are naturally talented. They are able to play the piano without the need to undergo some lessons initially although most piano players are recommended to still undergo lessons after some time in order to improve their skills.

For people who have learned the piano more by their skills rather than pure talent, they may be a bit put off by the fact that they have to spend a lot of time memorizing the notes and learning the proper positioning of the fingers to play effectively.

Those who are serious about playing the piano however are able to push through with the piano class Singapore until eventually, they already know that they know how to play. They are sure that they can play effectively. If you would like to learn the piano too, here are some of the steps that you have to follow:

  • Look for a piano school that can give you what you are offering.

Some teachers who are offering piano lessons can only teach up to a certain level. You do not want to be learning well only to find out that you can only learn limited things. Look for schools that will truly teach you not only the basics but all the tips that will allow you to learn effectively.

  • Be familiar with your notes.

It does not mean that the moment that you are taught what the different notes are, you will already be familiar with your notes. It is crucial that you will get to know what the different notes are and only then will you be able to play some of the notes from scratch. If in case you need to know more about notes, you may want to check out popular song tunes and try to read the notes beforehand so that you will be familiar with these things. You can become more familiar by checking this out:

  • Practice even when you are not having your lessons.

You may have always heard that you would need to study your lessons outside your school. You have to remember that this is needed. You need to make sure that you will study your lessons when you can because the more that you practice, the more that you will become better at what you are doing.

The more that you work on your piano piece, you know that you will improve on your skills.

How You Can Study Better

Whether you are a student or someone who is working in the office, there will be instances when you would feel the need to study. When you are studying, you just cannot assume that you will immediately get high grades. Your main goal when you are studying is to make sure that you will improve your memory so in order to do better in your exam, you should remember more information.

Find the Right Study Place

There are some who are highly comfortable studying in their own beds but there are also some who are not quite happy with this and they would need to have their very own study table just to let the facts get into their head. Study places are usually areas that are quiet so that people can study effectively and let the information get to their heads. You may want to be in an area wherein you can look at an artwork because this will let you be in the mood to study. You may want to check out Sydney art for sale.

Specific Time to Study May Work

If you would like to study effectively, make sure that you will set a specific time when you can actually study. This means that if you like studying at 6pm, you need to study at 6pm every day. This will make studying like a routine that you will find hard to break. You may get to learn more about effective studying tips from here:

Have A Clear Mind

If you would like to focus on your lesson then you have to forget about the different things that may be troubling you. This means that if you have a clear mind, you will be able to get to learn more details about what you need overall.

Get Enough Sleep

If you think that doing an all night studying session when it comes to studying may be effective, some studies suggest that this is not the case at all.What you can do instead is study appropriately while you still have time. If you need to forego some parties at this point, you may have to do that and then afterwards, you would get the sleep that is required out of you. You will feel more refreshed afterwards and ready to take your exams.

The tips that are mentioned above are meant to help you study well. Always incorporate good study habits and you will find your grades improving after some time. Being diligent with your studies pay off in the long run so make sure that you will not regret your education. It will open your doors to more opportunities in the future.

Making Learning Fun

Learning is not a phase, but a continuous process in life. You might be tempted to think that only a child needs to learn. Once you are a grown-up you don’t need to learn anymore. However, the only difference between a child’s learning and a grown-up’s learning is the content.

An infant needs to learn how to walk, how to sit and how to eat. When he is a kid, he needs to learn how to read and write. When he grows a little he needs to study different subjects, clear exams and get a professional education. You can say this is the most important phase of learning in an individual’s life. Learning at this point determines his future. It is very important to develop interest in one’s studies to be able to be a good performer. The interest is best developed when you are a child. If you force your child to study, as the natural instinct he will have an aversion for the same. So, it is important to inject some fun elements in the learning process. It is a common saying, “All work and no play – Makes Jack a dull boy”.

Along with studies, you should also try to develop a sense of ownership in the child. What is developed as the nature, reflects in every aspect of life, be it his belongings or his homework or his attitude. You should try to make everything interesting for the child. Ask him to take care of his pencils, notebooks etc. Provide him an independent cupboard with digital locks for his items. This will make him feel more responsible without the worry of losing the keys.

Interactive learning is an important aspect in any child’s development. A child’s brain is more inquisitive than an adult’s.  Organize group tasks where the child is exposed to various activities. Interactive learning is useful, not only for children but also for professionals. On the job training is pretty necessary to keep yourself up to date with the changing trends and current technology. But, classroom training gets very boring and does not give enough output. Applied training is more productive and interesting. There are new inventions every day and we can use many of them to make our life better.  If you are a technology nerd, but tend to lose your stuff because you don’t keep them under a lock, and the reason being you tend to lose your keys, an digital lock is something you should go for immediately.

Lessons learn from setting up my dad’s office – Jilly

Some things are not fun. I’m actually having my school term break now, but I’m called by my dad to help him in his office. He has just move his office to somewhere that is closer of our house. At first, I was so happy, because I can finally see him come home early everyday. That means more play time for me, more outings for me. 

But then, that is the fun part for future. I now have to help him with his office setup. I thought my holiday can be used for more fun things, like going for holidays… and the worst part, Jenny is not involved. She said she is too young to do such things.

I didn’t complain in the end. I want to focus on a solution! (Like what I learn)

So the thing is, I’m sad to be working for my dad in his office for almost 6 hours a day. However, not everything is that bad. I can still learn some things. Daddy is quite nice, and teach me some of his business stuffs, things I can’t learn in school. Plus, I have work money! My dad pays me $20 a day! So in a week, I can earn $100! I calculated, if I continue to work until school returns, I can get at least $400. (Maybe I can go for some movies after school yea!) 

So what have I done at work? 

My dad gets office furniture setup and he wants me to be in charge of buying other stuffs also. He wants his office to be nicely equipped for his workers, and also to ensure they are comfortable when working. Wow, my dad so thoughtful yea? 

So that they, I call up for some office furniture quotes from Singapore and hope to buy some office chairs, office tables, and other things. Some people are quite nice, and they tell me what chairs they have, how they are different from normal sitting chairs, plus how I can also get it from them at a cheaper rate. Maybe I’m a girl, so they are nice to me. 

But I’m also scared they may sell me too much things, or I buy the wrong things and got scolded by my dad. So the thing I learn is, when they try very hard to sell me, I slowly reject them, and say I need to talk to my boss (my dad). 

The next thing I learn, is not to buy any chair. My dad ask me to look for chairs that will be comfortable for the people. Of course, I also want my dad to be comfortable while sitting. I know sitting is very important, because I saw people with back problems before. If you don’t know the correct sitting style, look at this postures

See what I found also: 



When you sit too long, do some stretching on your chair too. Something new rite? 

This is something I tell my dad that if you work too long, do some stretching. The chairs is good, but do some exercise is good for the back also. So you see, my dad learn something from me. And lucky, I can also learn something about selling and buying things from companies there. That’s all I have today. My message for you today, to get a correct chair, learn new things, and do exercise when you sitting!