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Stress Buster sports while studying

Image result for longboarding competitionsEducation has become an integral part of civilized society and it has played pivotal role in shaping up the very foundation of mankind in the direction which has been so far desirable and fruitful.

Over last few decades our education system has evolved, no doubt, but at the same time it kept on becoming very complex and stressful. The education system cannot be blamed alone because there are other factors responsible and the most important is parent’s expectation from their children.

This is mounting unnecessary pressure on kids and leading to adverse outcomes which we keep hearing in newspaper and other media every now and then. The education system will continue to evolve and the only way to sustain it is to divert the children’s mind to stress busters. Sports is the scientifically considered as the most viable and worthwhile stress buster for children because it not only help them let go of their worries for time being but also provide physical agility which is required to remain fit and healthy.

Video games and any such stuff over mobile should not be considered as stress buster because they gradually start eroding the mind and students become habitual of them which eventually impact them in their studies. Its better if they can indulge in out-door games like cricket, tennis, badminton etc. which will give them good physical health and a perfect stress buster.

In most of the countries, the education system has transformed into such a framework so that the regular course curriculum has plenty of entry points for sports and other engaging activities through which students can relieve their stress and feel connected to the studies and do not look at them as compulsion.

Even parents are aware now a days and they are doing their bit to ensure that they promote and urge their children to divide time such that they can play and socialize. Also, efforts are made by parents to get their children enrolled into various sports complex so that there is a set time for sports for the child along with the set study routine. Even if you don’t agree with Walter’s list of best longboards review, you should definitely try this sport as a stress buster.

Apart from all these initiatives, government in various countries are trying to modify the framework of the conventional education system so that the education itself be made more interesting and intuitive enough. Considering the amount of focus we are having on the overhauling of education system I am sure we are going to have real good time for the students.

Check out this video showing longboarding competition at its best:

How to Focus More in Class

picDo you realize why some of your classmates are taking energy drinks before they go to class? It is because they feel that they do not have enough energy in order to push through with the lessons that they have to take.

You may also have some classmates who cannot help but slack off. In college, a lot of professors would not care if their students are not listening to them. Their grades would depend on what they are doing. The more bad habits that you have whenever yo are in class, the more that your grades will suffer and this is not something that you want.

In order to help you focus more in class, there are some things you can do before you get to class:

  1. Make sure that you will get enough sleep.

The number of hours that you are going to sleep will differ depending on the things that you are going to do. If you are going to make certain projects, there is a big chance that you would not get much sleep. Whenever you get the chance, try to sleep.

  1. Pay attention to the food that you are going to eat.

There are a lot of college students who feel that the food that they eat are unimportant but the food that students eat will provide the needed energy that people need throughout the day. You may think that you do not need to worry about this because you are always eating big meals but actually, big meals do not matter if they lack the nutrients and minerals that you need.

  1. Be prepared for all the classes that you are going to take.

There is a big possibility that you would take more than one class every day. You have to be prepared for all of the classes that you are going to take. If you have homework, make sure that you have all of your assignments ready. If you have some projects, make sure you can submit them on time. If you are prepared, you do not have to worry about anything. This will allow you to focus well in class. You can learn more college tips when you check this out:


Having the right attitude whenever you go to class can be very useful because you can take that attitude with you. In due time, you will be able to have a job and afford to get a housing loan Singapore. By developing great study habits, you will be able to achieve better things later on.

Why You Must Start to Learn Online Marketing

What is your main reason why you would like to learn more about online marketing? Do you like it because you believe that it can help you a lot in the future? Perhaps you would like to learn more about it because you would like to put up your own website. No matter what your reason is, you may not be too convinced yet if you should push through with it.

Perhaps you have seen how professionals from top digital marketing companies works. You would like to make sure that you will also be like them. Do you know what you can expect when you get a marketing course? Even if you are learning online marketing from reading marketing blogs, you are recommended that you get your degree from a university. This way, you will know more and at the same time, you will find ways on how you can use the things that you have learned effectively.

Perhaps this video about how life is for an online marketer will help you out:

Here are just some of the reasons why you ought to learn more about online marketing:

  1. It is in demand right now. Since it is in demand, you can expect that more people will need your help in the long run. This can be a good choice if you are searching for a career that can give you what you are searching for.
  2. You can take marketing and mix it with another course or subject. This will allow you to learn more things and can ultimately help you maximize not only your time and your money that you are going to use to learn the details you need.
  3. This is well known internationally. No matter what part of the world you would choose to be in, you can expect that online marketing and even marketing in general will be needed. This gives you various work opportunities no matter what part of the world you may be in.
  4. There are many fields wherein marketing is needed. You will have a choice to work freelance or you may also choose to be one of the marketing staff of a great company.
  5. The salary that you are going to get for all of your marketing tasks will not be bad at all. You can be sure that you will be one of those who will be paid the highest especially if you are able to prove that you are good. You can be in demand too depending on how good you are.

With all of the reasons that are mentioned above about online marketing, don’t you think it is about time that you learn more about it?

How to Love Math

If you would ask people about math, you will get opposing reactions. There are some people who will say that they do not like math at all and there are some who would say that Math is truly something that they love.

It seems that some people develop their fear of math at an early age when they were unable to do something and they begin to have some fears about doing other math exercises in the classroom. There are also times when kids cry because they fear about being embarrassed in front of their classmates. There are many reasons why people begin to hate math.

Sometimes the hate for math stems from a reason back when people are still young and they cannot undo the feeling anymore growing up so the negative feelings about Math tend to stay with them until they grow older. This can prevent them from doing very simple math equations that others would learn easily.

If you are having this problem too, you know that Learning Out of the Box will help you transform your hate for math into love. Other than that, here are some of the things that you can do so that you will begin to love Math:

  • Think of how math can be useful in your daily life.

You have to remember that Math is something that can actually be used in our daily lives. Basic math can dictate how our lives are going to be in the long run. If you would begin to love Math, you will find that integrating Math into the things that you do will become easier than before.

  • Let go of your fear of Math.

There are different reasons on how you can get rid of your fear of Math but in order to do that first, you need to acknowledge the fear first. Once you realize what you are doing, you will find yourself letting go of your fear and hatred towards the subject.

  • Seek other people’s help.

There are some things that you cannot do on your own. You may want to know the current maths tuition so that you can get the tutorial that you need. You know that in the long run, you would begin to love it and it will help you embrace the concept of math more than before.

With the help of this video, you may get to learn how to stop hating math:

Like what children are told early on, math is fun and even if you have never grasped the concept growing up, finally letting go of your issues with Math will help you appreciate the subject more.

Studying to Become an Architect

Do you dream of designing your very own building? Perhaps you also dream of designing your own property. Architects are usually respected in society because they are well known to get to know details that will allow buildings and houses to be safe and at the same time, nice looking.

To become an architect, one just cannot decide to be one. There is a lot of effort involved in becoming an architect. A great understanding of what an architect does is one thing that you should do before you decide to push through with the profession.

An architect is in charge of the following:

  • The whole process of creating a new structure.
  • Making the unique idea that will be followed.
  • Ensuring that everything is going well according to plan.

How do you think were architects able to create something nice like The Visionaire Executive Condominium? They made sure that they were present every step of the way. This goes to show that architects are usually very busy and this is something that you have to accept if you would decide to become an architect.

Get more details from here:

Here are some of the traits that you need to have so that you can become a successful architect:

  • Creative – You need to make sure that you will always think out of the box. You need to present something new to the table that you think is plausible and awe inspiring at the same time. The structures that you are going to create must fit well with its current surroundings.
  • Excellent Communication Skills – How can you become an architect if you can barely say some things to people who will be working with you? How can you show your ideas if you do not have the strength to do so? You need to make sure that you can communicate with people effectively.
  • Can Think Scientifically – You need to make sure that you will be mixing art with science. It does not mean that just because something looks great, it can already be done. You ca also consider location like with The Visionaire location that is perfect for some people’s needs.You need to make sure that you have some knowledge about the various laws of nature.

When you decide to study to become an architect, you need to be sure that you are passionate about it so that the years that you will spend to become one will not be wasted. There are different types of architects available. Just choose one that will work best for you.

Tips on writing argumentative essays easily

Do you think anyone who speaks English can also write well? Absolutely not. You need tips to be able to do so. While looking for such tips, I saw this amazing blog post and I think it is quite useful for people who want to learn to write essays.  The original blog can be found here How to Write an Argumentative Essay. A good english tuition centre can provide you all the help you need. Now, continue reading this post.

“Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about.”- Sam Ewing

An argumentative essay requires the writer to delve into the depths of a particular issue, collect evidence from different sources and make judgement based upon scientific facts and truths rather than emotion.

You can write well for your argumentative essay in secondary school English or even General Paper, if certain steps are followed.  Follow the steps below to learn how to write a good and persuasive argumentative essay:

Choose a Specific Topic

Find a topic which you find interesting and worth looking in to. First of all obtain basic knowledge about the said topic and then research into the depth. Collect as much data as you can from reliable and valid sources.

Keep in mind that you may have to change your opinions about the subject at hand because you may find lots of new information. Study the arguments stated by both sides and choose which you find most appropriate. 

Write down your thesis. The thesis is the main argument that you will be making throughout your essay.

Write down your thesis in a clear and concise sentence and use this for reference. Your entire essay should circulate around the thesis.

Study both Perspectives

 You cannot make a good argument just by studying one-sided arguments. Look at the issue at hand from both perspectives. 

Make a list of arguments from both sides. Study these arguments. Decide which side is more convincing. Consider the audience at hand. Picture them to be a panel of judges. Choose the arguments most suited to the situation. Think how your audience would feel about these.

Face the Facts

Don’t base your judgements upon emotion or morals. Your argument should be supported by scientific facts. Study expert opinions about the topic and use them in your essay. Don’t pretend to be an expert if you aren’t one. 

Use scientific evidence, statistical data and scholarly articles. You can also use quality journalistic reports. 

And don’t forget to cite your sources in your essay. You can use footnotes or endnote but you can also try to mention some sources within the text.

Write the Essay

Start your essay by giving a strong and brief introduction of the topic at hand. Then discuss two arguments which are being debated. And then present your point of view. State your point of view clearly.

Then explain you arguments one-by-one. Separate the essay into paragraphs. Each paragraph should describe one argument which supports your thesis. Start the paragraph with an introduction to the argument and conclude it in such a way that the transition to the other argument seems natural. 

Dedicate one or two paragraphs to conflicting topics. Then refute the opposing arguments one-by-one using factual evidence and statistics.

To read in detail please visit How to Write an Argumentative Essay. If you love to read more, subscribe to our blog here.

11 mistakes leaders must not make

Everyone can be a manger. It is not a difficult task. But, being a leader is not easy. You tend to make a lot of mistakes. I found a wonderful post which lists the mistakes to be avoided by leaders. The original blog can be found here Top Eleven Mistakes Leaders Make. If you are looking for a great way for singapore team building or learn about Team Training Singapore, please read on this useful post.

Leading a company is daunting task and requires a whole lot of skill and hard work. But all that hard work is for nothing if the leader can’t organize his workforce. The leader can work all night if he wants to but if his employees don’t cooperate, profits and productivity are going nowhere.  Here are some of the most common mistakes leaders make when running a company.

  1. Lack of Communication
    The manager needs to keep in touch with his employees and should also have an idea of their personalities and interests. This way he can keep track of the work progress and also know the nitty-gritty details of the work. Lack of communication between the boss and the employees makes the employees feel uneasy in the presence of the boss. They are not able to openly express their concerns and suggestions about the work. This can cause a significant decrease in productivity.
  1. Being too Friendly
    Being friendly with employees is nice and creates a nice atmosphere in the workspace, but there are limits. There should be balance between friendship and being a boss. If a boss gets too friendly and close with his employees the employees may take advantage of this and not do their work properly. Some strictness is always required to keep everyone in line.
  2. Delaying in Firing
    Let’s put it straight. Laying down an employee is not an easy task but someone’s got to do it. And that someone is the boss. Some managers may think that they are doing a generous favour by letting the “bad” employee work so that he can learn and better his skills. But any work done wrong by him will have to be made up for by his teammates. This will create unnecessary delay in the progress of the work. A good boss knows when to fire an employee and he does what is required for the betterment of the company.
  1. Not “Walking the Talk”
    Employees see their team lead as a role model. If the leader is efficiently and effectively doing his work, the workers will do so as well. Just giving orders and not taking part in the work causes reduction in employee motivation.
  2. Hiring too Quickly

A good manager selects the best people for the job at hand. Selecting the wrong people for the job              will make it impossible to meet the deadline. Hiring too quickly and not properly ascertaining the              abilities and skills of the worker will lead to formation of an inefficient workforce. Proper                              interviews should be conducted and the most suitable people should be selected for the job. “In                   most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.” –             Tina Fey

  1. Undivided Workload
    Any work that needs to be done by the company should be properly divided amongst its employees. It is the manager or team lead’s duty to assess the abilities of the employees and give them work according to their skills.
  2. No Feedback
    Feedback and suggestions are always necessary. The manager should regularly check the working methods of his employees and provide them feedback. Employees can use the feedback to better judge and improve their skills.
  3. Unclear Directions
    Providing unclear directions as to how to complete the work can result in delayed completion and a few angry arguments with clients. Managers should clearly and openly discuss what the work is and guide the employees how to do it.
  4. No Recognition of Work
    If an employee is working hard he deserves a pat on the back. Getting the work done and never praising or complementing employees can reduce employee morale. Employees should be given proper feedback and recognition of their work.

To read more go to Top Eleven Mistakes Leaders Make. If you love to read more, subscribe to our blog!

Why Take Notes And Make It A Habbit

Note – taking can be difficult to most students for sometimes they didn’t know what to write down, what important or pertinent information is or how to structure notes that would be very inviting for study purposes. By taking time to understand why we take notes and their importance for our development as a student, we are able to improve our ability to make them truly useful.


Why do we actually have study notes? Study notes are for summarizing purposes. It is to highlight important information and most importantly for reviews and study sessions from later.
As you get involved with the complexities of note taking, you may tend to forget the simple things that can make life a lot easier. There are ways that could make our notes effective and it can be presented in these following points.


Attend lectures regularly. Of course, how can you take down notes if you don’t attend lectures? Avoid missing schedules because once you missed a session, it would be difficult for you to catch up. Try to sit towards the front and center of the class where you’ll be less distracted and can hear the professor clearly with the best angle for visual aids in the board. Do not rely on someone else’s notes as you may not understand everything that they write down. You will learn easily by having your own notes and it would be convenient for you to remember it as the things you will be writing would be retained in your mind. Develop a personal form of abbreviations to allow you to take notes quickly and remember to skip lines for additional information later. Keep notes clear. Doodling is distracting when you go back to study and is an indication of daydreaming during class. You have to concentrate and process the words that you’re writing.


study notes

Many novice speakers write their speeches and then read it out loud, which audiences find dull. Others memorize their piece but if they forget something, they are lost and are unable to continue. Public speaking courses Singapore teaches you how to be a good orator. Outlining or note – taking is a little bit difficult if the speaker don’t use an effective way of structuring their presentation. However, there are online coaches or instructors like Flare Comunications Coaching Pte Ltd and online videos like the video below that are available to help you in your shortcomings. You will learn additional tips and practices from them that would unleash the good speaker in you and would give you an effective presentation in the future. You can also check their Facebook account: Benjamin Loh the Public Speaking Coach for additional inputs.


study notes

The main reason we take notes is to aid our studying sessions and would boost our self confidence especially if we have presentations with audiences. Use them appropriately and review it frequently. Always do these 24 hours before it will be used. Hence, retention will be increased. The more you use your notes, the more familiar the material will become and the more information you will retain for future use.


How does Solution Focused Coaching Works

Just a few days ago, I attended a class by my lecturer, and he mentioned something about solution focused coaching. You see, I have learned something about coaching, counselling before in school, and I have used some methods to assist my friends in their problems too.

So when I heard about solution focused, I’m quite interested! I thought, maybe this is one area I can learn to improve my coaching skills too.

So, if you are quite new to this skill, let me explain a little. Alright, it is much what my lecturer says that day.

Solution Focused Coaching is a very powerful tool that has helped many people overcome issues and coming up with solutions to their problems. It is one skill that is effective for managers and leaders in corporate companies. It is one skill that they can equipped themselves with, so they can help their team members overcome challenges – themselves.

Here’s a short video to explain in brief.

How does Solution Focused work?

Solution Focused works because it helps people to uncover hidden possibilities on their own. This is done by the help of a trained solution focused coach. During a coaching conversation, the coach will assist his client in shifting his mindset from a problem focused on to a solution focused one.

It is helpful because the coach helps to get the client out of the problem zone. When someone is too stressed in his own problems, his problems will grow bigger, and make it seems to difficult to overcome. However, with the help of the coach, he can ask powerful questions to shift the client out of the problem zone, into a zone of possibilities.

The Trained Coach

A trained coach with solution focused training has the ability to ask powerful questions. These questions help in removing the client of of the problem zone. One powerful question to ask, is the ‘Miracle Question’. This questions touch on the possibility that the problem will cease to exist.

For example, ‘One day, when you wake up, and you realise that this problem does not exist anymore. What will happen to your life? How will you feel differently?” This one question will get the person to think ahead of the future, instead of dwelling in the past. By shifting him out of the past, he can look forward to a possible bright future, and paint a dream outcome. By doing this, the client can come up with ways to achieve the ideal outcome. This is more productive than focusing on the problems.

How will it help?

Many people go for solution focused training so that they posses a skill that can help people. Managers can use this skill to help their team members or colleagues. Teachers can use this skill to help their struggling students. Counsellors can use this skill to compliment their skills.

There are many resources on solution focused training, and you can read up more on Solution Focused therapy on Wikipedia to see how it can be used for yourself.

The Universities I Hope I Can Enter

As you know I’m in high school now, there are sometimes I hope that with my hardwork, I can enter into good universities to study. Singapore has been my ideal place to live and study. The last time I went to Singapore is for a short holiday. The place is really beautiful and nice. The people are nice, and the place is clean too. The Singaporeans I ask for help are also friendly to us.

However, my trip is only 3 days, and the places I go are some attractions places. I didn’t have the chance to visit all the university. But if I have the chance, I will want to study in the Singapore university.

1. NUS – National University Singapore


I heard this is the best university in Singapore. It is also the oldest in Singapore. I have one friend who did a short study exchange to NUS last time, and he says he like the place. The school is very high tech too. Even though some school buildings look old, but he says they look very technologi advanced when you enter.

I also like the NUS lecture hall and dorm room. My friend attended one of the hall games and he had so much fun. Wow. This is the number 1 university I want!!


2. NTU – Nanyang Technologi University


NTU I heard is another top university in Singapore. My childhood friend left to Singapore to study when he is 16 years old, and now, she says she is studying in NTU. She is studying Mechanical Engineering there. I don’t actually know much about what she study, but when she return home, she always tell me good stuff about the school there. (I’m jealous sometimes.)

She also says she go running around NTU at night when she want to distress. I google NTU, and see some very artistic buildings in it. The school must be really different from other universities in the world.


3. SUTD – Singapore University of Technology and Design


I like design! I saw the news that the SUTD is the next big university of Singapore. I don’t know if the school is already started, but I see many artistic images of SUTD. You see the picture I post above. Maybe the real life school is not that colourful. But it looks very future. The students there must be creative people about designing. If the school is already started, then I should see what courses they offered. So this is one of my dream schools there!

So this is my list of dream schools in Singapore. What about you? I guess you have to see what you want to study then you decide your school too. But for now, I will choose one of the 3 schools from here! I hope I can enter one of them. I will work hard to make sure my grades can go though to apply!