Welcome To The Site Of Resources

FB111 is a website built by 2 sisters from a land of thousand miles in South east Asia! We want to build this site to compile our own resources that we use everyday. Both of us are still studying, and we love reading and learning. However, sometimes we may miss out some good information on the internet. 

Hence, we would like to use this platform to compile our resources we found on the internet. Also, we hope by writing a website, it will improve our English. 

We also share

As this is not a private website , the things you see here can be shared with others people also. We want to show you what research we have done on the internet too, so you can also make use of our research. If you want to download anything, do feel free to do it. We love to share with you. 

Is there anything wrong with sharing? 

No no. When we say share, we are not stealing stuff. If you read out posts, you see that the things we share are the things that can already be found on the internet. Our job is just to compile it here. Don’t worry, we are not going to do illegal things, but uploading free things here for people, when others are paying for the same free things. 

If you are looking for many free things, SORRY! We don’t offer that!