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Eight ways to take notes

Image result for ways to take notesTaking notes is a pure art which can be learned and improvised gradually but quite often people take this subject for granted and comfortably assume themselves as considerably good at it but alas mostly this notion falls flat and land them into embarrassing situation during real times.

The first and foremost requirement to be able to become good note taker is to have good ears and ability to process the information correctly and concisely.

Second important and imperative factor which is usually easily ignored is patience. You need to have a lot of it because most of the times you must wait till the sentence is complete to note down properly. So do not rush and it will come to you naturally.

Third factor is ability to abstract the information and package it such that you are able to gather everything being discussed in the meeting or any place where you are supposed to take notes down. Because eventually someone or you yourself have to unpackage it and share the details to the wider audience. Some schools or institutes like The Happy Guitarist even give you a copy of printed notes. This is a very good take-away. You get a summary of important points.

Fourth is correct grammar and fifth is hand writing. You cannot simply afford to scribble something and leave it for someone to understand and decode it. Be articulate, concise and clear while noting down the points.

Sixth is paying attention to what is being discussed because it is not always necessary that you will have an environment with synchronous communication rather multiple people might be involved in the conversation and you will have to capture the bites from everyone in an organized manner. Remember that taking notes is not limited only to your regular school and classes. Maths are Science are not the only subjects where you need to take notes. Taking notes is equally important even if you are taking kids guitar classes Singapore. Whatever is taught in the guitar class is very important. Taking notes enables you to practice and learn it when you are back home.

Seventh is the medium used to take notes; are you using laptop, tablet or simple pen paper to do so make a lot of difference because then translation time will eventually vary accordingly.

Eight is ability to have good vocabulary to be able to shorten the sentence and replace them with few words. This would enable you to cover everything in a shortest possible time.

Here is a video depicting how to help yourself while studying: