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Parents planning of a new condo in YIshun

Just last we, I talk about my dream university in Singapore. Yesterday, my parents were discussing about a possible plan to move to Singapore! Wow. Wow. Wow. Am I dreaming? Maybe, maybe not. I think my dream is probably coming true.

I have a relative living in Singapore and my parents visit them often. For me, I only know her as Auntie Jennifer. She is only see me during Chinese New Year period. Yea, that was then when I will make a trip down to Singapore for some visiting. Other than Auntie Jennifer, I also have my cousins over there who are a few years older than me and my sister. They are like our big brothers. I think they are working now, but I always like playing with them when we are young.

So like I said, my parents are thinking of moving over to Singapore, and also buying a condo there. I think a condo is really nice and beautiful. When my parents start to say the news of moving to Singapore, I quickly go and read more about the place. They say they want to stay at Yishun. I don’t know where Yishun is, but I know it is near my Auntie place. That is what my mother said. If we stay closer to them, we can visit them frequently.

Anyway, I found out that Yishun is at the north part of Singapore. When you look at the north, it is also near to the bridge that goes to Malaysia. I think to go Malaysia, the place is at Woodlands. But I think Yishun is not that far also. I’m not sure what my parents are buying, but I did tell them about this condo called North Park Residences.


I think this is still a new condo and nothing have been built yet. It is more likely the introduction phase to get buyers interested. I do a search and I saw this website called . This condo really look amazing. I’m not sure if my dad will agree with me, but this looks like my dream house also.

I check that it is near to Yishun MRT, so next time when I need to meet up with friends, I can just walk to the MRT station and take the train. I also see that it is near quite some good schools. I’m not sure what schools my sister will enter, but my dream university NUS is quite near I think. NUS you can take a bus down and reach quite fast.

Then there is also a shopping centre at Yishun. My own home town has no shopping centre. Last time I went Singapore to shop is at Orchard Road. I think the new one at Yishun may have less number of shopping centres, but it is good that I still have a shopping centre near my future house. If also possible, I will also want to have my violin lesson at home too. I will definitely love my new house!!

Okay. I cannot say so much, because I don’t know if my parents are going to choose this north park condo. They are still looking around, and of course this is my dream house. But if they choose other condos, I hope will be same as good!

Update! I just read that there is a new condo coming up in Yishun, which is called Wisteria Singapore. I really hope that this will be a condo my parents can consider as well!