Monthly Archives: May 2015

Making Learning Fun

Learning is not a phase, but a continuous process in life. You might be tempted to think that only a child needs to learn. Once you are a grown-up you don’t need to learn anymore. However, the only difference between a child’s learning and a grown-up’s learning is the content.

An infant needs to learn how to walk, how to sit and how to eat. When he is a kid, he needs to learn how to read and write. When he grows a little he needs to study different subjects, clear exams and get a professional education. You can say this is the most important phase of learning in an individual’s life. Learning at this point determines his future. It is very important to develop interest in one’s studies to be able to be a good performer. The interest is best developed when you are a child. If you force your child to study, as the natural instinct he will have an aversion for the same. So, it is important to inject some fun elements in the learning process. It is a common saying, “All work and no play – Makes Jack a dull boy”.

Along with studies, you should also try to develop a sense of ownership in the child. What is developed as the nature, reflects in every aspect of life, be it his belongings or his homework or his attitude. You should try to make everything interesting for the child. Ask him to take care of his pencils, notebooks etc. Provide him an independent cupboard with digital locks for his items. This will make him feel more responsible without the worry of losing the keys.

Interactive learning is an important aspect in any child’s development. A child’s brain is more inquisitive than an adult’s.  Organize group tasks where the child is exposed to various activities. Interactive learning is useful, not only for children but also for professionals. On the job training is pretty necessary to keep yourself up to date with the changing trends and current technology. But, classroom training gets very boring and does not give enough output. Applied training is more productive and interesting. There are new inventions every day and we can use many of them to make our life better.  If you are a technology nerd, but tend to lose your stuff because you don’t keep them under a lock, and the reason being you tend to lose your keys, an digital lock is something you should go for immediately.