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Why Take Notes And Make It A Habbit

Note – taking can be difficult to most students for sometimes they didn’t know what to write down, what important or pertinent information is or how to structure notes that would be very inviting for study purposes. By taking time to understand why we take notes and their importance for our development as a student, we are able to improve our ability to make them truly useful.


Why do we actually have study notes? Study notes are for summarizing purposes. It is to highlight important information and most importantly for reviews and study sessions from later.
As you get involved with the complexities of note taking, you may tend to forget the simple things that can make life a lot easier. There are ways that could make our notes effective and it can be presented in these following points.


Attend lectures regularly. Of course, how can you take down notes if you don’t attend lectures? Avoid missing schedules because once you missed a session, it would be difficult for you to catch up. Try to sit towards the front and center of the class where you’ll be less distracted and can hear the professor clearly with the best angle for visual aids in the board. Do not rely on someone else’s notes as you may not understand everything that they write down. You will learn easily by having your own notes and it would be convenient for you to remember it as the things you will be writing would be retained in your mind. Develop a personal form of abbreviations to allow you to take notes quickly and remember to skip lines for additional information later. Keep notes clear. Doodling is distracting when you go back to study and is an indication of daydreaming during class. You have to concentrate and process the words that you’re writing.


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Many novice speakers write their speeches and then read it out loud, which audiences find dull. Others memorize their piece but if they forget something, they are lost and are unable to continue. Public speaking courses Singapore teaches you how to be a good orator. Outlining or note – taking is a little bit difficult if the speaker don’t use an effective way of structuring their presentation. However, there are online coaches or instructors like Flare Comunications Coaching Pte Ltd and online videos like the video below that are available to help you in your shortcomings. You will learn additional tips and practices from them that would unleash the good speaker in you and would give you an effective presentation in the future. You can also check their Facebook account: Benjamin Loh the Public Speaking Coach for additional inputs.


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The main reason we take notes is to aid our studying sessions and would boost our self confidence especially if we have presentations with audiences. Use them appropriately and review it frequently. Always do these 24 hours before it will be used. Hence, retention will be increased. The more you use your notes, the more familiar the material will become and the more information you will retain for future use.