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What is Zumba Gold? (Our Very First Try at Zumba!)

2015 is a brand new year, and so, we want to try something new. Have you tried anything new? If not, let us introduce you to Zumba!

Zumba gold is used in special cases when exercising. In most cases, this type of Zumba is used for people who are new to working out. The moves are slower as compared to the normal Zumba dance moves.

This is to help new people to Zumba to know the moves first before moving to the normal Zumba class. In addition, Zumba gold is also used for those people have a physical impairment or older adults who would like it slow. Do not let the slower dance moves fool you; Zumba gold still offers many health benefits. Here is why you should consider joining Zumba gold.

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Have a healthy heart

Zumba gold dance is important for the health of your heart. You can be sure that after several series of Zumba dance, the heart will stay strong. It helps to eliminate any chances of getting a heart attack. Zumba gold dances are gentle on your heart so do not get worried about straining it.

Mange your Weight

Another reason why people most join zumba gold to manage their weight. Even when it is the slower paced Zumba, most people end up losing several pounds. The dance moves are the same so be sure to lose some weight at the end of a workout session. Zumba dance is known to be the best way to burn the calories in the body.

Improvement in Mobility

Zumba dance moves are important to help a person exercise the joints. Doctors commonly recommend it to patients who have suffered joint injuries. Zumba dance is slow so there will be no damage to the healing tissues of the injured joints.

Stronger bones and muscles

It is like going to the gym every day to exercise by using weights. With time, your muscles will develop and increase the strength of your bones. Zumba gold classes help to do the same. The continuous movements will exercise both the body muscles and bones. After some time they will grow stronger and resistant to easy injuries.

Relief from stress

People who suffer from stress are always advised to take Zumba gold classes singapore. These dance classes will help a person to forget about the depression during the workout process. It is inevitable to smile during these Zumba dance lessons. The more you smile; it becomes easy to forget about your problems.

Check out this video of how a Zumba Gold Class is usually like and how fun it can be for seniors! If you want to find out a zumba gold classes in singapore, you can check out zumba sg for more information.