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How does Solution Focused Coaching Works

Just a few days ago, I attended a class by my lecturer, and he mentioned something about solution focused coaching. You see, I have learned something about coaching, counselling before in school, and I have used some methods to assist my friends in their problems too.

So when I heard about solution focused, I’m quite interested! I thought, maybe this is one area I can learn to improve my coaching skills too.

So, if you are quite new to this skill, let me explain a little. Alright, it is much what my lecturer says that day.

Solution Focused Coaching is a very powerful tool that has helped many people overcome issues and coming up with solutions to their problems. It is one skill that is effective for managers and leaders in corporate companies. It is one skill that they can equipped themselves with, so they can help their team members overcome challenges – themselves.

Here’s a short video to explain in brief.

How does Solution Focused work?

Solution Focused works because it helps people to uncover hidden possibilities on their own. This is done by the help of a trained solution focused coach. During a coaching conversation, the coach will assist his client in shifting his mindset from a problem focused on to a solution focused one.

It is helpful because the coach helps to get the client out of the problem zone. When someone is too stressed in his own problems, his problems will grow bigger, and make it seems to difficult to overcome. However, with the help of the coach, he can ask powerful questions to shift the client out of the problem zone, into a zone of possibilities.

The Trained Coach

A trained coach with solution focused training has the ability to ask powerful questions. These questions help in removing the client of of the problem zone. One powerful question to ask, is the ‘Miracle Question’. This questions touch on the possibility that the problem will cease to exist.

For example, ‘One day, when you wake up, and you realise that this problem does not exist anymore. What will happen to your life? How will you feel differently?” This one question will get the person to think ahead of the future, instead of dwelling in the past. By shifting him out of the past, he can look forward to a possible bright future, and paint a dream outcome. By doing this, the client can come up with ways to achieve the ideal outcome. This is more productive than focusing on the problems.

How will it help?

Many people go for solution focused training so that they posses a skill that can help people. Managers can use this skill to help their team members or colleagues. Teachers can use this skill to help their struggling students. Counsellors can use this skill to compliment their skills.

There are many resources on solution focused training, and you can read up more on Solution Focused therapy on Wikipedia to see how it can be used for yourself.