Making Learning Fun

Learning is not a phase, but a continuous process in life. You might be tempted to think that only a child needs to learn. Once you are a grown-up you don’t need to learn anymore. However, the only difference between a child’s learning and a grown-up’s learning is the content.

An infant needs to learn how to walk, how to sit and how to eat. When he is a kid, he needs to learn how to read and write. When he grows a little he needs to study different subjects, clear exams and get a professional education. You can say this is the most important phase of learning in an individual’s life. Learning at this point determines his future. It is very important to develop interest in one’s studies to be able to be a good performer. The interest is best developed when you are a child. If you force your child to study, as the natural instinct he will have an aversion for the same. So, it is important to inject some fun elements in the learning process. It is a common saying, “All work and no play – Makes Jack a dull boy”.

Along with studies, you should also try to develop a sense of ownership in the child. What is developed as the nature, reflects in every aspect of life, be it his belongings or his homework or his attitude. You should try to make everything interesting for the child. Ask him to take care of his pencils, notebooks etc. Provide him an independent cupboard with digital locks for his items. This will make him feel more responsible without the worry of losing the keys.

Interactive learning is an important aspect in any child’s development. A child’s brain is more inquisitive than an adult’s.  Organize group tasks where the child is exposed to various activities. Interactive learning is useful, not only for children but also for professionals. On the job training is pretty necessary to keep yourself up to date with the changing trends and current technology. But, classroom training gets very boring and does not give enough output. Applied training is more productive and interesting. There are new inventions every day and we can use many of them to make our life better.  If you are a technology nerd, but tend to lose your stuff because you don’t keep them under a lock, and the reason being you tend to lose your keys, an digital lock is something you should go for immediately.

Why Take Notes And Make It A Habbit

Note – taking can be difficult to most students for sometimes they didn’t know what to write down, what important or pertinent information is or how to structure notes that would be very inviting for study purposes. By taking time to understand why we take notes and their importance for our development as a student, we are able to improve our ability to make them truly useful.


Why do we actually have study notes? Study notes are for summarizing purposes. It is to highlight important information and most importantly for reviews and study sessions from later.
As you get involved with the complexities of note taking, you may tend to forget the simple things that can make life a lot easier. There are ways that could make our notes effective and it can be presented in these following points.


Attend lectures regularly. Of course, how can you take down notes if you don’t attend lectures? Avoid missing schedules because once you missed a session, it would be difficult for you to catch up. Try to sit towards the front and center of the class where you’ll be less distracted and can hear the professor clearly with the best angle for visual aids in the board. Do not rely on someone else’s notes as you may not understand everything that they write down. You will learn easily by having your own notes and it would be convenient for you to remember it as the things you will be writing would be retained in your mind. Develop a personal form of abbreviations to allow you to take notes quickly and remember to skip lines for additional information later. Keep notes clear. Doodling is distracting when you go back to study and is an indication of daydreaming during class. You have to concentrate and process the words that you’re writing.


study notes

Many novice speakers write their speeches and then read it out loud, which audiences find dull. Others memorize their piece but if they forget something, they are lost and are unable to continue. Public speaking courses Singapore teaches you how to be a good orator. Outlining or note – taking is a little bit difficult if the speaker don’t use an effective way of structuring their presentation. However, there are online coaches or instructors like Flare Comunications Coaching Pte Ltd and online videos like the video below that are available to help you in your shortcomings. You will learn additional tips and practices from them that would unleash the good speaker in you and would give you an effective presentation in the future. You can also check their Facebook account: Benjamin Loh the Public Speaking Coach for additional inputs.


study notes

The main reason we take notes is to aid our studying sessions and would boost our self confidence especially if we have presentations with audiences. Use them appropriately and review it frequently. Always do these 24 hours before it will be used. Hence, retention will be increased. The more you use your notes, the more familiar the material will become and the more information you will retain for future use.


What is Zumba Gold? (Our Very First Try at Zumba!)

2015 is a brand new year, and so, we want to try something new. Have you tried anything new? If not, let us introduce you to Zumba!

Zumba gold is used in special cases when exercising. In most cases, this type of Zumba is used for people who are new to working out. The moves are slower as compared to the normal Zumba dance moves.

This is to help new people to Zumba to know the moves first before moving to the normal Zumba class. In addition, Zumba gold is also used for those people have a physical impairment or older adults who would like it slow. Do not let the slower dance moves fool you; Zumba gold still offers many health benefits. Here is why you should consider joining Zumba gold.

Find your very own Zumba Gold Classes in Singapore

Have a healthy heart

Zumba gold dance is important for the health of your heart. You can be sure that after several series of Zumba dance, the heart will stay strong. It helps to eliminate any chances of getting a heart attack. Zumba gold dances are gentle on your heart so do not get worried about straining it.

Mange your Weight

Another reason why people most join zumba gold to manage their weight. Even when it is the slower paced Zumba, most people end up losing several pounds. The dance moves are the same so be sure to lose some weight at the end of a workout session. Zumba dance is known to be the best way to burn the calories in the body.

Improvement in Mobility

Zumba dance moves are important to help a person exercise the joints. Doctors commonly recommend it to patients who have suffered joint injuries. Zumba dance is slow so there will be no damage to the healing tissues of the injured joints.

Stronger bones and muscles

It is like going to the gym every day to exercise by using weights. With time, your muscles will develop and increase the strength of your bones. Zumba gold classes help to do the same. The continuous movements will exercise both the body muscles and bones. After some time they will grow stronger and resistant to easy injuries.

Relief from stress

People who suffer from stress are always advised to take Zumba gold classes singapore. These dance classes will help a person to forget about the depression during the workout process. It is inevitable to smile during these Zumba dance lessons. The more you smile; it becomes easy to forget about your problems.

Check out this video of how a Zumba Gold Class is usually like and how fun it can be for seniors! If you want to find out a zumba gold classes in singapore, you can check out zumba sg for more information.


Lessons learn from setting up my dad’s office – Jilly

Some things are not fun. I’m actually having my school term break now, but I’m called by my dad to help him in his office. He has just move his office to somewhere that is closer of our house. At first, I was so happy, because I can finally see him come home early everyday. That means more play time for me, more outings for me. 

But then, that is the fun part for future. I now have to help him with his office setup. I thought my holiday can be used for more fun things, like going for holidays… and the worst part, Jenny is not involved. She said she is too young to do such things.

I didn’t complain in the end. I want to focus on a solution! (Like what I learn)

So the thing is, I’m sad to be working for my dad in his office for almost 6 hours a day. However, not everything is that bad. I can still learn some things. Daddy is quite nice, and teach me some of his business stuffs, things I can’t learn in school. Plus, I have work money! My dad pays me $20 a day! So in a week, I can earn $100! I calculated, if I continue to work until school returns, I can get at least $400. (Maybe I can go for some movies after school yea!) 

So what have I done at work? 

My dad gets office furniture setup and he wants me to be in charge of buying other stuffs also. He wants his office to be nicely equipped for his workers, and also to ensure they are comfortable when working. Wow, my dad so thoughtful yea? 

So that they, I call up for some office furniture quotes from Singapore and hope to buy some office chairs, office tables, and other things. Some people are quite nice, and they tell me what chairs they have, how they are different from normal sitting chairs, plus how I can also get it from them at a cheaper rate. Maybe I’m a girl, so they are nice to me. 

But I’m also scared they may sell me too much things, or I buy the wrong things and got scolded by my dad. So the thing I learn is, when they try very hard to sell me, I slowly reject them, and say I need to talk to my boss (my dad). 

The next thing I learn, is not to buy any chair. My dad ask me to look for chairs that will be comfortable for the people. Of course, I also want my dad to be comfortable while sitting. I know sitting is very important, because I saw people with back problems before. If you don’t know the correct sitting style, look at this postures

See what I found also: 



When you sit too long, do some stretching on your chair too. Something new rite? 

This is something I tell my dad that if you work too long, do some stretching. The chairs is good, but do some exercise is good for the back also. So you see, my dad learn something from me. And lucky, I can also learn something about selling and buying things from companies there. That’s all I have today. My message for you today, to get a correct chair, learn new things, and do exercise when you sitting! 

How does Solution Focused Coaching Works

Just a few days ago, I attended a class by my lecturer, and he mentioned something about solution focused coaching. You see, I have learned something about coaching, counselling before in school, and I have used some methods to assist my friends in their problems too.

So when I heard about solution focused, I’m quite interested! I thought, maybe this is one area I can learn to improve my coaching skills too.

So, if you are quite new to this skill, let me explain a little. Alright, it is much what my lecturer says that day.

Solution Focused Coaching is a very powerful tool that has helped many people overcome issues and coming up with solutions to their problems. It is one skill that is effective for managers and leaders in corporate companies. It is one skill that they can equipped themselves with, so they can help their team members overcome challenges – themselves.

Here’s a short video to explain in brief.

How does Solution Focused work?

Solution Focused works because it helps people to uncover hidden possibilities on their own. This is done by the help of a trained solution focused coach. During a coaching conversation, the coach will assist his client in shifting his mindset from a problem focused on to a solution focused one.

It is helpful because the coach helps to get the client out of the problem zone. When someone is too stressed in his own problems, his problems will grow bigger, and make it seems to difficult to overcome. However, with the help of the coach, he can ask powerful questions to shift the client out of the problem zone, into a zone of possibilities.

The Trained Coach

A trained coach with solution focused training has the ability to ask powerful questions. These questions help in removing the client of of the problem zone. One powerful question to ask, is the ‘Miracle Question’. This questions touch on the possibility that the problem will cease to exist.

For example, ‘One day, when you wake up, and you realise that this problem does not exist anymore. What will happen to your life? How will you feel differently?” This one question will get the person to think ahead of the future, instead of dwelling in the past. By shifting him out of the past, he can look forward to a possible bright future, and paint a dream outcome. By doing this, the client can come up with ways to achieve the ideal outcome. This is more productive than focusing on the problems.

How will it help?

Many people go for solution focused training so that they posses a skill that can help people. Managers can use this skill to help their team members or colleagues. Teachers can use this skill to help their struggling students. Counsellors can use this skill to compliment their skills.

There are many resources on solution focused training, and you can read up more on Solution Focused therapy on Wikipedia to see how it can be used for yourself.

Parents planning of a new condo in YIshun

Just last we, I talk about my dream university in Singapore. Yesterday, my parents were discussing about a possible plan to move to Singapore! Wow. Wow. Wow. Am I dreaming? Maybe, maybe not. I think my dream is probably coming true.

I have a relative living in Singapore and my parents visit them often. For me, I only know her as Auntie Jennifer. She is only see me during Chinese New Year period. Yea, that was then when I will make a trip down to Singapore for some visiting. Other than Auntie Jennifer, I also have my cousins over there who are a few years older than me and my sister. They are like our big brothers. I think they are working now, but I always like playing with them when we are young.

So like I said, my parents are thinking of moving over to Singapore, and also buying a condo there. I think a condo is really nice and beautiful. When my parents start to say the news of moving to Singapore, I quickly go and read more about the place. They say they want to stay at Yishun. I don’t know where Yishun is, but I know it is near my Auntie place. That is what my mother said. If we stay closer to them, we can visit them frequently.

Anyway, I found out that Yishun is at the north part of Singapore. When you look at the north, it is also near to the bridge that goes to Malaysia. I think to go Malaysia, the place is at Woodlands. But I think Yishun is not that far also. I’m not sure what my parents are buying, but I did tell them about this condo called North Park Residences.


I think this is still a new condo and nothing have been built yet. It is more likely the introduction phase to get buyers interested. I do a search and I saw this website called . This condo really look amazing. I’m not sure if my dad will agree with me, but this looks like my dream house also.

I check that it is near to Yishun MRT, so next time when I need to meet up with friends, I can just walk to the MRT station and take the train. I also see that it is near quite some good schools. I’m not sure what schools my sister will enter, but my dream university NUS is quite near I think. NUS you can take a bus down and reach quite fast.

Then there is also a shopping centre at Yishun. My own home town has no shopping centre. Last time I went Singapore to shop is at Orchard Road. I think the new one at Yishun may have less number of shopping centres, but it is good that I still have a shopping centre near my future house. If also possible, I will also want to have my violin lesson at home too. I will definitely love my new house!!

Okay. I cannot say so much, because I don’t know if my parents are going to choose this north park condo. They are still looking around, and of course this is my dream house. But if they choose other condos, I hope will be same as good!

The Universities I Hope I Can Enter

As you know I’m in high school now, there are sometimes I hope that with my hardwork, I can enter into good universities to study. Singapore has been my ideal place to live and study. The last time I went to Singapore is for a short holiday. The place is really beautiful and nice. The people are nice, and the place is clean too. The Singaporeans I ask for help are also friendly to us.

However, my trip is only 3 days, and the places I go are some attractions places. I didn’t have the chance to visit all the university. But if I have the chance, I will want to study in the Singapore university.

1. NUS – National University Singapore


I heard this is the best university in Singapore. It is also the oldest in Singapore. I have one friend who did a short study exchange to NUS last time, and he says he like the place. The school is very high tech too. Even though some school buildings look old, but he says they look very technologi advanced when you enter.

I also like the NUS lecture hall and dorm room. My friend attended one of the hall games and he had so much fun. Wow. This is the number 1 university I want!!


2. NTU – Nanyang Technologi University


NTU I heard is another top university in Singapore. My childhood friend left to Singapore to study when he is 16 years old, and now, she says she is studying in NTU. She is studying Mechanical Engineering there. I don’t actually know much about what she study, but when she return home, she always tell me good stuff about the school there. (I’m jealous sometimes.)

She also says she go running around NTU at night when she want to distress. I google NTU, and see some very artistic buildings in it. The school must be really different from other universities in the world.


3. SUTD – Singapore University of Technology and Design


I like design! I saw the news that the SUTD is the next big university of Singapore. I don’t know if the school is already started, but I see many artistic images of SUTD. You see the picture I post above. Maybe the real life school is not that colourful. But it looks very future. The students there must be creative people about designing. If the school is already started, then I should see what courses they offered. So this is one of my dream schools there!

So this is my list of dream schools in Singapore. What about you? I guess you have to see what you want to study then you decide your school too. But for now, I will choose one of the 3 schools from here! I hope I can enter one of them. I will work hard to make sure my grades can go though to apply!


Our First Violin Lesson At Home!

my violin lessonYes! Finally, we get to have a hobby! A few months back, my friend, Chow Sin invited me to his music concert. He is playing the violin in a orchestra. I supported him because he gave me free tickets, but after the concert, I’m quite interested in the violin. I waited for a few more months, and save money for my first violin and lesson.

And yes! I have my own violin now, and I just had my first violin lesson. So right here, let me share with you a bit of my process of finding a teacher and also the things I learn in the lesson.

A lot of people are confused about whether or not they should get their child for home based violin lessons Singapore. As a student learning violin at home with my private violin tutor Marcus, (a great violin teacher referred by Strings! Singapore) I would like to express my view on whether should a student go for private violin lessons or attend music schools. Of course, the other alternatives available are sending their kids to classes at another venue (community centers) or getting online instruction. But in my personal view, home violin lessons offer me and my parents the benefits that these methods do not.

Among all, one of the biggest benefits to getting violin lessons at home is that parents can observe the classes. This teaching method allows parents to observe lessons and provide their child support. Parents will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their child, and see the progress of their child over time. They are also able to discuss with the tutor and make necessary changes in terms of teaching style.

Based on research, students who learn violin or other instruments for this case, from home often learn faster than those who attend classes. Simply because taking classroom based violin lessons can be tiring. This is because students will need to balance their home life, social life and studies with their music classes. The last thing a student needs is to have to spend another hour getting ready for lessons and commuting to and from their classes. Students who do this often forget a lot of what they have learned simply because they are too tired to focus properly. Research has suggested that practicing in the same location means that students retain more of the information that they have learned.

Parents will also find at-home classes beneficial. Having a lesson in the house will save parents a considerable amount of time and energy. Adults will no longer have to take their child to and from classes. Instead they can spend this time doing something they enjoy at home.

Kids who get violin lessons at home will also benefit from one on one teaching. Children who attend classes will find that their teacher divides their time between all the students in the class. This is something parents will not have to worry about with in-home lessons.

By having a one to one learning base, your children will also have the full attention span by the violin tutor. This is relatively important as it will form a habit and basic skills of playing violin are rather important.

The tutors can identify any mistakes when your children are practicing at all the time and your kids are able to correct problems quickly and ask for help when they are struggling. Students will also develop a friendly relationship with their tutor. This is beneficial as it will help tutors pick up on what musical pieces the child enjoys and which pieces they are having trouble with.

Many parents would agree that home based violin lessons are the best option for parents who want their child to succeed. These types of lessons allow kids to learn faster and more effectively than they would in a classroom environment. The one on one attention children get from their violin teacher will ensure that they learn the material efficiently. Lastly these classes are not as expensive as one may expect them to be.

Hence, now you know about my private tutor. If you may become interested in violin on day, do let me know! I will recommend my teacher to you.

How We Improve English (Our Study Tips)

learn englishIf you’ve read about our background, you will know that our first language is not English. But we have been learning English for quite sometime, and it is a important language to be said in many countries. Hence, we want to make effort to learn and improve our english.

So in this post, let us share with you what we have done to make sure that our English is improving everyday, and see enough progress. If you are also learning English, we hope these tips will help you and encourage you too!

1) Read more

When we arrive in Singapore not long ago, we are very happy that the people over here use quite a lot of English! Even when I go shopping or even ask people on the road for directions, they can tell me the direction correctly in English. So, to make sure we improve our English, we make sure to take something to read and learn to read out loud so that we know how to pronounce the words too.

When we are back home in our country, we also have english words to read. However, they are not as common as Singapore, where you can see english words english road signs, or english speaking people everywhere. But that’s not the excuse. We have the internet now, and I can learn it from there.

2) Practice Speaking

Reading is a small part of improving english only. Other than just reading, I have tried to speak in English. I tried to speak slower and clearer, so I can hear what I am saying, and also make sure the person listening is clear on my message. So, the more I speak, I realize that speaking English is not that difficult. I must dare to speak out so that I can learn.

Sometimes, people laugh at my english. I think it is my accent. I’m okay with that because I’m not born and speak english right away. I only learn English when I’m 15. However, I’m happy I Dare to speak to people in english to talk to them.

3) Write more

Yes. This is the reason why we want to create this website too. We want to have a place where we can write something good in English. So this blog is where we will practice our writing. I can tell you honestly our English is not perfect yet, so when you see errors, do let us know and we will correct them. We appreciate your help!

So, if you want to improve your writing too, you can write a book about your life, or you can start a blog like us. It is easy.  However, the challenge is to keep on writing and writing. You can make mistakes, but once you learn from it, you can become a better writer.

So here are some study tips from us. We try do encourage each other everyday by doing these actions, so it will become our habit one day. On the other hand, if you really need serious help in your English, you can also start with english tuition singapore. Singapore has some of the best tuition teachers in English, and the good thing is some can speak 2 languages.

That’s our tips on improving English for this post! We hope you read and apply it on your own learning.

Study tips for your maths final year examination (for all the Bs students out there!)

If you are looking for math tips to download and read it offline, you can simply save this page as a file and keep it in your desktop for future reading.

Many students are probably busy mugging for their final year paper. If you are one of them, Good. If you are not one of them, then probably you are taking a break from studying to go online, or you are looking for some tips before you carry on. Having been a math teacher for coming 3 years, I always see students struggle while doing well for maths.

Some students are good in math. These types of students, I don’t need to worry. They are just good. They are disciplined, they are attentive, and they have high expectations for themselves. There are another group of students, who no matter what, are always demotivated. Probably they hate maths, maybe they fear maths. For them, I always try my best to help them. So far, my success rate is 50-50. Some of them become motivated to learn math and score well for themselves.

But for this post, I want to help students who are on the borderline. They are the ones who can do well in math, but always fall short because of some marks. You know, those kind of students who ‘always have the potential’, but never fully relish their potential. They are always a few more marks to match the good students. These are the ones I want to help, because they are only a few marks away from disctinctions.

So how can these group of students improve their maths?

These B’s students know their stuffs. They did memorize. They did study every math chapter, and not skipping or picking topics to study. However, the reason they lose marks, is because of their carelessness! Almost 50% of the students who score Bs lose marks because of unnecessary mistakes. They could have earned those marks and got a distinction.

So the solution?

Slow down your writing when you are working your sums. People tend to write fast, and mistake simple numbers. When the number is 69, they can see it as 59. Because they want to complete it fast, or rushing for time, they don’t look properly when they proceed. Some type of questions may force you to re-do your working, so you know you made a mistake, because you cannot get a final answer.

However, some questions don’t have this advantage. You will simply do and do and do, and you only realize it is wrong when you get back your marks, or realized that you have a different answer from your classmates.

Will Math Tuition help the Bs Students?

Yes. they can attend as many math tuition in singapore as they can. The math tutors will definitely improve their grades. But they need to know that the performance on the actual exam day is important. It is like the atheletes who has the best coach to help him run 100m fast. Yes, the coach can help him, but the race on the final day is all based on him.

But I’m not here to discredit math tuition. I have seen how Math tuition has helped some of my F students. These students definitely need extra time and help. Jumping from F grade to a C grade is not easy. it is a big jump. Hence, I will always recommend tuition for those students who are struggling to do well in math.

Hence in summary:

Avoid careless mistakes by writing clearly or slow down your writing. Get a math tutor to help you to brush up your topics. You are just a few steps away from distinction. All the best to you students!